Find things faster. Work happier. Become smarter.

Together we can rethink how the investment community organizes its knowledge. Join us.


Stay productive. Gain focus.

Managing your investment documents has never been easier. Your files are tagged using clues from the content itself. No fields to fill out, no folders to organize. Store your documents securely and let us turn your knowledge into insights.

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    Upload without interruption

    Get back to work fast. Drag-and-drop or email your files. Your uploads are organized in the background.

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    Support for file types you use

    Upload what you use – PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, presentations – so you can find what you need.

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    Reclaim your inbox

    Stay in the flow. Receive files in your dedicated UPMONTH library for easy, secure archival and retrieval.

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    Assisted Tagging

    Save time and energy filing documents. Your files receive suggested tags based on document type and investment themes.

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    Teach Me

    Your library gets smarter as you use it. Show UPMONTH how you label files and it will suggest even more accurate tags.

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    Find patterns in your knowledge

    Sift years’ of unstructured data that can be integrated into your work today using Similar Documents and Live Memos.



Secure collaboration.

Empower your team to share its knowledge, without jeopardizing security. Get the security features you need and keep everyone on your team happy.

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  • check Full activity logs
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  • Easy to use. Your life is made simpler by a clean interface and intuitive functionality. Once you get started with UPMONTH, you'll find you can't live without it.
  • Never miss an important document again. Set an alert and receive an automatic notification. Create the custom rules you need to help your team get its job done better.
  • All of your knowledge in one place. Email a document to your library, and save the conversation. Search for the sender, or the document, and find both. It's that easy.



Everything when you need it.

Stay in sync everywhere and at all times. Keep all of your knowledge in your back pocket. Take a meeting in London and keep your team in Singapore up to date in real-time. Make decisions with your team's support.




First class service comes standard.

Timely delivery of secure storage of your information is critical to your business. We have lived and breathed investment management for decades – we understand your pains and have experienced your challenges. You can contact us anytime and speak to a human being. Machines can’t care about you – we do.

UPMONTH is an invitation-only platform that is free to use for as long as you want.

See our pricing guide for features and controls.